Destination Wedding Photographer for deeply in love couples

the maid of honour you never knew you had

  • need a bobby pin? check
  • no one knows how to put a boutonniere on? check
  • timeline help? check
  • the dancefloor is empty? I gotcha

Heeeeeey! I'm your girl Mary

I am so thrilled! that you have come to my little space on the interweb!(*pause*insert me happy dancing)  I’m a Destination Wedding Photographer based in Ottawa, ON.

One thing you need to know off the bat is that I am a living contradiction.  I enjoy staying in as much as I enjoy exploring new experiences. I am both extra and laid-back. I am 50%extraverted and 50%introverted. Life is not black and white and I think that’s what makes it all so exciting.


Mary made us feel comfortable from the very first "hello"

"She gave us such a big, welcoming hug as if we were good friends who haven't seen each other in a while. While she was taking photos of us, she made us laugh so much! Her energetic personality was just so infectious. The photos turned out lovely filled with genuine smiles. Working with her was an overall amazing experience and I would definitely do it again!!”